Bringing innovation to your table!

Top-quality gourmet products

Autentico pizzas will make you a believer! 

Pizzas prepared with carefully selected ingredients to satisfy pizza connoisseurs.

Made by hand in Quebec
It’s restaurant good!

All Dessed
Bacon Deluxe

Just like eating out!

Innovation in gourmet food 

Perfect as an appetizer

Artisanally-made 1546 dried sausages are also available in snack stick format (2 per package). Perfect for snack time.

Savour a taste of Spain…

With these olives of exeptional quality offered in an array of original flavours.

Hot sauces that warm the heart! 

Premium hot sauces made from 90% cayenne peppers

Authentic and all-natural

Dead Red
Shock & Awe
Grunt Green
HOOAH Jalapeño
Danger Close

Nomade, directly from the Saint-Élie-de-Caxton Spring, for exceptional purity!